Email Marketing Masterclass

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In this course, you will learn how to choose an email marketing system, how to structure the email, how to grow the subscriber list and how to improve your metrics

By the end of the course, you will be able to grow your subscriber list

THE step-by-step Comprehensive Guide to building an email list and creating emails your subscribers actually WANT to open!


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In this course we will teach you:

  1. What types of emails there are and when to use them
  2. The importance of Lead Nurturing and how you can start using it
  3. How to write an effective Subject Line
  4. The way to think about structuring the Call To Action
  5. How to choose an Email Marketing System that won’t break the bank
  6. What you should look out for BEFORE sending a newsletter
  7. What to measure and how to improve those metrics before and AFTER you send the email
  8. How to ethically grow your list using FREE, easy to use and time-tested techniques and tools for effective Email Marketing
  9. Why your subscribers become uninterested and how to solve this issue
  10. What SPAM is and how to avoid it
  11. How to avoid the Promotions Tab in Gmail
  12. About the future Trends for performance-based Email Marketing



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