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  • Artificial Intelligence with Python

    $39.99 $10.00

    you’ll learn how to develop various building blocks using different data mining techniques before delving into more advanced subjects.

    Explore different classification & regression techniques

    Understand the basics of heuristic search & genetic programming

  • Automation Testing using Test Complete 11.0

    $499.99 $189.99

    In this module, you will understand what is Automation Testing, What is Test Complete.

    After this course you can create Automated UI tests Across Any Desktop, Web, or Mobile App

    Average salary of Test Complete Automation Tester is $90k.

  • AWS Development Certification Training

    $349.00 $314.00

    In this, you will understand overview of cloud, types of cloud services, cloud models, features of cloud, different cloud vendors

    Edureka’s AWS Training, will introduce to the participants to explore and master AWS concepts and services offered by AWS.

    Will also get to implement one project towards the end of the course.

  • Bayesian Machine Learning: A/B Testing

    $99.00 $10.00

    This course is well-designed to create a better understanding of Bayesian Machine Learning.

    In this course, the complete introduction will be given to you about the traditional A/B testing in order to appreciate its complexity, what we will eventually get to is the Bayesian machine learning implementation in a quick manner.

    Enroll yourself in this course and improve your skills by learning the adaptive algorithm methods and fully understanding of Bayesian machine.

  • Become A Top Class Ruby On Rails Developer

    $199.00 $29.00

    The bundle develops your skills with the better understanding of the foundations of web developments with Ruby on rails. Remember, Ruby is the most popular programming language which enables you to grow the popularity of your web services.

    The bundle also describes the necessary knowledge of web application.

    This unique bundle also helps you with the perfect use of Rails that extends Ruby. Rails gather Ruby with JavaScript CSS and HTML that make a larger sense of Web applications

  • Become Expert In AWS Machine

    $99.00 $89.00

    This course is designed to empower you with a better understanding of AWS Machine.

    After completing this course, you will be able to explore the basic construction with the help of algorithms that will help you to manage your data.

    The advanced techniques of AWS Machine allow data scientists and researcher to fulfill their needs.

  • Become Expert In C# Programming (Module #1) – Intermediate

    $99.00 $10.00

    In this course, you will learn the module on C# series. It describes the basic concept of C# Programming with complete understanding.

    The course also provides you the learning about operators overloading, indexers, and reference type vs value types.

    Through this course you will be learning about the basic concept of C# Programming, you will be also learning about operators overloading, indexers, and reference type vs value types etc.

  • Become Expert In Python Programming

    $399.00 $39.00

    This course allows you to geta high scope in programming field as well and it builds your professional career.

    This program is specially designed for those people who want to develop their expertise for python programming.

    This program is directed towards people who already have elementary in either python or any other programming language.

  • Become Expert in R Programming A-Z (Part #2) – Reading Data, Functions and Scoping

    $99.00 $10.00

    This course specially discusses the most useful methods of data analysis in R programming and helps you to make your own statistical system and graphics.

    This course is a need of the modern world because it defines the software environment that drives the statistical computing system.

    It is essential to learn R programming to learn all the techniques of data analysis.

  • Become Expert IOT Developer

    $299.00 $29.00

    This bundle is specially made with the consideration of the rapidly growing technology which provides comprehensive ways to learn programming, creating the chatbots App and defining the effective use of database through strong networking concept.

    After competition of this bundle, infinite opportunities will be waiting for you related to data analysis, IOT Architect, IOT Consultant and IOT system engineer system etc

    Understanding of the depth of IOT and information about wireless communication systems and embedded logic

  • Become the Asp.Net Developer like a Boss

    $199.00 $29.00

    This bundle also enlightens the framework that provides the application program interface (API). The bundle starts with basics concepts and fundamentals and then it describes the advanced approach of Asp.Net.

    You will also learn the Validator Controls Event Handling & Server Controls and Data Source & Binding and much more. You are highly recommended to enroll yourself in this course and learn the development tools that can be useful for creating an application for windows and web both.

    The bundle “Asp.Net Developer” is specially designed to make a better understanding of web tools that are offered by Microsoft. It also provides various techniques to use visual interface. The Asp.Net provides a path to programmers on which they can incorporate their programming codes with ASP.Net.

  • Become-a-Master-in-Java-9

    $1,000.00 $199.00

    Java is well-known as the most popular language in the modern world. There are several big companies that are using java programming like Google, Accenture, Intel, and many others.

    To become more competent in the programming field, you should enroll yourself in this course that will make you a highly paid Java Developer.

    This course strengthens your skills for programming and makes you suitable for freelancing as well. You can also build your own application with the better understanding of Java.

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