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  • Affiliate Marketing Hacking – The 5 Steps Fast Track Method

    $179.99 $11.99

    One of the most productive online business models that are out there is affiliate marketing

    It talks about the method that is  used with some very good friends to generate fast affiliate commissions almost instantly by using a special affiliate marketing technique

    Learn how to use video and social media in your favor to get better positioning, exposure, traffic and ultimately sales in your affiliate marketing business!

  • Affinity Designer For Beginners

    $49.00 $10.00

    Ideal for graphic designers, web designers and artists, this course includes 17 lectures and over 3 hours of content.

    The course will show you how the Affinity Designer user interface works through creating real-world projects.

    You’ll learn how to use the various tools of Affinity Designer in a hands-on environment; and not just vector graphics – you’ll learn how to manipulate images, design logos and icons, create graphic illustrations, combine images, render images for all media types too, and finally export your work for the web, print, and app development.

  • An Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets using CSS3.

    $199.99 $11.99

    You will learn many aspects of styling web pages!

    you’ll be able to customize the appearance of your web pages to suit your every need!

    You will build many beautiful web pages to practice your new CSS skills.

  • Analytics for Retail Banks

    $205.00 $184.00

    In this module you will understand the scope of analytics applications at a retail bank and the underlying processes involved.

    Learn about best practices in analytics and also understand latest trends around analytics.

    Develop a sound foundation of analytics frameworks.

  • Android App Development Certification Training

    $225.00 $202.00

    Our Android development online course-is now certified by Google.

    Salary for android developers in US is between $62k – $159k (based on US job data).

    We will deep dive into Android application lifecycle and understand the working of event listener.

  • Android Complete Reference

    $49.99 $11.99

    After completing The Complete Android P Developer Course , you will be able to understand and use:

    Installation of Android Studio, To develop and Android Application and to run in AVD, real Android device

    You will learn how To publish the Android Application in Play Store.


  • Angular for Beginners

    $59.99 $11.99

    Welcome to this course “Angular for Beginners” by BPB Publications. Angular helps you build modern applications for the web, mobile, or desktop.

    This course is your first step towards Angular and it will cover topics ranging from Setting up the development environment

    This course will focus on creating web applications using the JavaScript framework Angular and understanding concepts like components, modules, routing etc.

  • AngularJS For Beginners

    $29.00 $10.00

    This AngularJS crash course is aimed at those who already have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but who may have limited experience of AngularJS projects.

    It’s a fast and efficient way to get yourself up to speed with this framework and start using it in the real world.

    This course will allow you to grasp the basic concepts of AngularJS and its main features

  • Apache Cassandra Certification Training

    $349.00 $314.00

    This Cassandra Certification Training helps you to master the concepts of Apache Cassandra including Cassandra Architecture, its features, Cassandra Data Model, and its Administration.

    Edureka’s Apache Cassandra Certification Training is designed by professionals as per the industry requirements and demands.

    You will also learn to integrate Cassandra with other Apache frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka.

  • Apache Kafka Certification Training

    $349.00 $314.00

    Learn about Kafka Architecture, setup Kafka Cluster, understand Kafka Stream APIs, implement Twitter Streaming with Kafka, Flume, Hadoop and Storm.

    In this module, you will understand where Kafka fits in the Big Data space, and Kafka Architecture. In addition, you will learn about Kafka Cluster, its Components, and how to Configure a Cluster.

    This course is designed for professionals who want to learn Kafka techniques and wish to apply it on Big Data.

  • Apache Solr Certification Training

    $199.00 $139.00

    Edureka’s Apache Solr Certification Training will help you in getting started and master the various concepts of Apache Solr. Solr is being used by most of the world’s top multinational companies.

    Understanding of Lucene components and it’s use cases.

    Apache Solr Certification training course is designed to make the course participants experts in Apache Solr (Search engine).

  • Apache Storm Certification Training

    $199.00 $179.00

    The average pay stands at $90,167 USD P.A

    You will learn various use cases of Apache Storm (a) Batch processing vs real-time processing (b) Aggregating click and impression data from different streams (c) Trending search on any e-commerce portal (d) Twitter Streaming.

    In this module, you will learn about Big Data and how it is solving real problems.

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