The 3 Best Digital Marketing Offers In Year End 2018

The importance of eLearning or distance learning has evolved with the inclusion of new courses specially related to Digital Marketing. It has become the essential part of the modern world and without having the sufficient knowledge, individuals and organizations can’t grow. There are numerous courses that are offered by well-known eLearning platforms. In this article, we try to figure out the most popular, quality assurance and cost-effective Digital Marketing courses that are highly recommended by industry experts.

eScils – 25+ Digital Marketing Certification Courses In One Bundle

eScils is a rapidly growing an online eLearning reliable platform with the enhancement of competitive advantage. This active platform has designed a bundle including 25 digital marketing courses and each course defines the basics and advanced level of knowledge so every user can easily understand the scenarios of digital marketing. By enrolling yourself in this bundle, you will be able to understand the Digital Marketing dynamics. Also, industry-recognized certification will be given to you after the completion of this bundle. The accessibility of the bundle is the lifetime with money back grantee.

By offering this bundle, eScils got the competitive advantage and set the benchmark in the industry by getting the huge positive response from number of enrolled people. If we keep an eye on this bundle, we get to know that eScils has done a research work in Digital Marketing and made a pole of qualified and industry-recognized authors and their expertise is being utilized effectively with a vast collaborative approach.

The effective learning methodology of the bundle empowers you with the advancement of key topics like Facebook Advertisement, Twitter marketing, YouTube Viral Promotion, SEO Fundamental, Linkedin, Affiliate marketing and much more. Apart from above, eScils is also offering some courses like “6 Years Of Online Marketing Success And Failure” which is free of cost.

Udemy – Advanced Digital Marketing – Growth Hacking Course

Udemy is also an online eLearning platform that offers mainly short courses. Students take courses largely as a mean of improving job-related skills. It has made a special effort to attract corporate trainers seeking to create coursework for employees of their company. Udemy enjoyed its distinctive position in online eLearning platform for long but now the competition has become tough with the entrance of new competitors.

Udemy is consistently trying to improve students’ skills by offering trending courses. By considering the need of the modern world, it has designed the advanced Digital Marketing course and offering it in combined form like a bundle. “Advanced Digital Marketing” is well-designed with the knowledge of Social Media Marketing, SEO, YouTube, Email, Facebook Marketing, Analytics and more. The courses combination aims to develop sufficient skills so that enrolled people could understand the dynamics of digital marketing. The course package also includess 28 hours on-demand video, 50 articles with lifetime access and at the end user will be entitled with complete certification that recognizes the users’ strengths. No prior experience is required for these courses it is Suitable for all types of businesses (digital product, physical product, service, B2B, B2C).

Stack Social – Complete Digital Marketing Bundle          

Stake Social is a source of amazing products specially related to eLearning. It offers “Complete Digital Marketing Bundle” that includes the 39 lectures and 3 hours of content. The lectures are consist of the key topics like Adwords, YouTube, Facebook, AdRoll, Perfect Audience, Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager. The bundle aims to provide the complete knowledge about Master analytics of the data & stats accumulated by retargeting campaigns. Also, it provides a guideline to engage your audience on regular basis. The lectures of this bundle describe the prompt ways to use email marketing and power tools to generate sales using emails.

The best part of this bundle is to provide an easy way to gain the ability to optimize & guide others on retargeting best practices. For enrolling in this course, a user just need to be passionate as no prior experience is required. After completing the course, you will be able to get a maximum amount of subscriptions of your target audience and get the tactics of engaging people towards your business. Also, the bundle is offered with the lifetime access. After completing the bundle, users are entitled with the certification as well.


By considering both broader and specific elements, we get to know that eScils is on leading position because it covers all the important quality elements comprehensively in Digital Marketing Bundle with a cost-effective manner. Also, the comparison indicates that eScils emphasis on “Price Penetration Strategy” in which they are targeting large number of audience in low price.


Digital Marketing – eScils Vs Udemy Vs Social Stack
eLearning Platform No Of courses Price Money Back Grantee
eScils 25 $39 Yes (30 days Money back grantee)
Udemy 26 $199 Yes (30 days Money back grantee)
Social Stack 7 20.85 No


At the other end, Udemy is also maintaining its quality elements but holding “Price Skimming Strategy” that indicates they are targeting selected audience in high price. Also, Udemy is getting advantage from its brand perception. Apart from “Digital Marketing Courses”, Udemy has a distinctive position in eLearning ground because it offers wide range of other effective courses.

Unlike eScils and Udemy, Stack social digital marketing course is at average stage but getting attention of users because of the quality. This platform has also a strong affiliation program that supports to increase the number of enrolled users.

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